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The workplace is active, agile and versatile. As we learn and evolve, businesses seek solutions to support the ever-changing workplace.

SGH Design Partners believe design and delivery work cohesively, constantly updating and growing with industry trends and operational needs. Our detailed methodologies allow us to be involved from pre-design to post-design to ensure a fully integrated partnership with our clients.

Envisioning our future in workplace design comes with a lot of research, dedication, and determination to be able to fully understand what changes need to be made, and why. SGH has dedicated key personnel on our team who help build a strategy, create an outline and make appropriate suggestions to help our clients better envision how they can make the most out of their space. Whether relocating, renovating or still in the process of making that decision, SGH is here to do the research and help you plan for a better workplace future.


SGH understands that today’s retail market is all about the unexpected. Our goal is to curate spaces that go beyond function and create a memorable customer experience. We believe in designing spaces that evoke emotions and change the way customers journey though the space and connect with the brand. Our clients are at the center of all that we create. Their culture, processes and brand vision are integral drivers for our design. We provide a holistic approach that focuses on creativity, innovation, and attention to detail to translate our clients’ vision into a built environment.

“we have history, philosophy and a positive attitude”


Top Commercial Interior Design Services Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax


“Envision” the future of work
Research and innovation
Validate culture
Test fit planning and budgeting using REVIT modeling
Ideology “thought starter”
Real estate benchmarking


Workplace strategy development
Master planning
Creative development
3D visualization
Workplace trends analysis
Furniture standards and integration
Technology + A/V integration
Brand integration

Workplace Interior Designer in Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax
Corporate Interior Design Firm Toronto, Halifax, Vancouver


Technical coordination
Budget + schedule development
Construction documentation
Permit + tender administration
Furniture procurement administration
Construction contract administration
Close out documentation

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